Viper MINI Pretreatment Machine

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Proper Pretreating is a necessity and you need the Right tool for the job! 

We haven't seen an innovation in pretreatment machine design like this since the dawn of the industry.  The Patent Pending Viper MINI is a Mobil, compact, precise and easy to use pretreating tool at it's finest.

Pretreat on any table, in any location, in most any condition, consistently and precisely every time.  No need for an enclosed coffin to pretreat your shirts.  No need for a dedicated space or spending upward of $3000 to get the job done.

This preteater is so easy to use you'll wonder why you didn't think of it! It's design for newcomers and DTG Vets alike and can easily be shipped all over the world.

  • 80% of all DTG Problems are related to pretreating (application/curing)
  • No worries about under or over pretreating a shirt, you get the same amount every time
  • The Viper MINI allows for repeatable, consistent sprays no matter the garment.  This gives you perfectly repeatable applications every time.
  • Stay on budget with the Viper MINI.  This price point makes getting a pretreatment machines a no brainer.  You'll wonder what you did without it.

Viper MINI pretreatment machine DTG features