Best AnaRIP Setting to Use with Your Anajet mPower



  • Prints are not coming out vibrant, wash out or colors are bleeding. White ink not bright enough.

Possible Causes:

    1. Light garments should be printed best using the default setting of Medium drop size and Normal quality setting.
    2. Make sure that before you start a print job, you have printed a good nozzle check. If the nozzle check is not good perform a print head clean and repeat the nozzle check. Repeat this process until the nozzle check is good. Bad nozzle checks can affect your could and cause banding.

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    1. Make sure you have a graphic that is decent quality, low resolution graphics will not get better. Check the image resolution in a program like PhotoShop. You can even try printing the image on your desktop home printer in a larger size. Bad images will look pixelated and this cannot be fixed, enlarging the image only makes it worse. 200-300 DPI is recommended.
    2. If your image is good and you are using the correct settings, try making adjustments. If the image is too dark try increasing the brightness in the AnaRIP color settings. If you are not getting the right vibrancy, try increasing the saturation. The software provides a preview while you are making these adjustments. A good rule to thinka bout is the image you are looking at is on a monitor, this is like a sheet of glossy photo paper with a light behind it. A tee shirt is essentially a fluffy sheet of matte paper. This tends to dull the color, so making a few small color adjustments can make a huge difference.

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    1. When it comes to printing dark shirts the same rules apply, make sure you have a good nozzle check for all colors and white before you start. The color settings on a dark garment using white ink are the same, Normal and Medium.
    2. The white ink settings should also be set to normal quality and medium drop size. A big factor is checking on or off the content based box. Unless you are printing a soldi white image it is not cost effective to turn content based off. Content based creates a nice grey scaled underbase this provides more white for lighter colors and less for darker colors. This gives you a soft feeling print, a better range of color and most importantly....a cheaper print.
    3. When using the content based setting, you will want to push the color contrast slider bar 3/4 or all the way to the right, it will be shown in the preview screen when adjusted.

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    1. If you are not getting the white you find necessary then change the quality setting to fine. This will slow the print speed down a little but will give you more ink. This may also be the best setting when using an mPower mP5 printer.

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    1. When printing an image with transparent or soft edges, you can make adjustments to this effect with the opacity slider bar. This can be previewed in the screen to get the perfect blend into the garment.

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  1. Printing white ink has a unique quality of expanding or swelling when printed. This can cause the white ink to show around the edges of your print. Set the choke value to 1, this will shrink the white underbase and prevent the white from expanding out of the printed area. If you still see white around your edges, try a choke value of 2. Keep in mind that the choke is shrinking the white image, if you have small text or detail too much choke may remove it.
  2. If your white is still not printing well, first check your flow by performing a nozzle check. Make sure you shake your white ink cartridges at least once a week. One major factor could be the pretreatment has not been mixed or applied properly, please contact technical support for more information if you have tried all the above.
  3. A big part of printing is curing properly so for good wash ability you should always heat press your print at 330 degrees for 90 seconds. If you have been doing this and still have washing out, you will need to check that your heat press is reaching temperature. This can be done with a cheap laser heat detector found at most hardware stores.

To view a webinar on the best mPower print practices, go to:, then select events, webinars.

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