Yellow and Black Mixing Together Nozzle Checks or Prints mPower



  • When doing a nozzle check or printing yellow a small amount of black is mixing in the color, this is only with the mP5.
  • When printing a graphic that is yellow with a black border, the black bleeds into the yellow. Both mP5 and mP10

Possible Causes:

    1. When printing a nozzle check or the color yellow you see some black mixed into the color. This is due to yellow and black ink being shared on one print head for the mPower mP5 printer. Black or yellow ink have not been cleaned off the print head plate, so for a small area of the print, black can be seen in the yellow of the graphic or nozzle check pattern. The basic fix to this problem is to do a print head clean 1 from the main menu of the control panel. Turn off all channels to be cleaned except yellow. This will help remove any black ink contamination and wipe off ink still on the print head plate. Follow this with a nozzle check to confirm the color is now pure. Repeat this process if necessary.

yellow and black

  1. When printing a graphic that has yellow with a black border around it, the two colors may bleed into one another. This is a problem that spans the entire printing industry. Yellow and black just don't get along. If you see this problem, you will want to change the way you print the graphic. Too much yellow and black ink is printed together. To fix this you will need to do a double print using less ink. Set your quality mode to speed and print the graphic 2 times. Make sure not to move the shirt. When printing a dark shirt make sure to turn off the white color pass for the second print. You just want to do a second pass of color in speed mode. You can still set your white ink setting to normal or fine for the first print, just change the color pass to speed.

yellow and black 2

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