Viper XPT 1000 Auto Pretreatment Machine


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Viper XPT-auto pretreatment machine VIPER xpt 1000 pretreatment

Simple To Use Controls

Using the simple controls on the front panel, set the spray length (from 2-24") and then the amount of fluid applied (10%-100%). We include a simple chart on the top of the unit to accurately tell you how to set the Speed to achieve the desired amount of pretreatment for your shirt. It is quick and easy.

Adjustable Spray Area

The easily adjustable spray head allows for instant changing of the spray width and location with adjustments left to right as well as up and down. Fast and easy adjustments with a spray area up to 20" x 24".



The Viper XPT Comes in two boxes via UPS.  The box for the base is 38"x40"x10" 32lbs and may ship LTL since it's an oversized box, depends on the location it is shipping to.  The second box is full of the spray arm and other pieces.  It's 14"x39"x20" and 50lbs