Propeel UV Transfer Film

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With UV DTF transfers, you can easily create designs that stretch and mold to fit even the most challenging surfaces, including those with rigid surfaces and crevices. These versatile transfers can be applied to various materials, such as wood, glass, ceramic, and plastic.

This versatile film allows you to create stunning prints with ease. For step-by-step instructions on how to use it, please refer to our UV DTF Transfer Film Application Guide (PDF).

UV DTF transfers benefits:

  1. Highly durable!
  2. Offers excellent adhesion ensuring that your designs stay put for longer. 
  3. The flexibility of materials used in these transfers allows for a greater range of applications.
  4. Expect vibrant colors that will make your designs pop.

Product Details:

  • Package Size: 100 sheets
  • Sheet Size: 11.7" x 17"
  • Roll Size: 11.8" x 164'

Start creating professional-grade UV DTF transfers today!

Instructions for the Propeel UV Transfer Film

No additional instructions found for this product.

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