Siser TTD High Tack Mask


Siser SKU: ttd-high-tack-mask-12"-25yd

Masking Your Digital Media is as Easy as TTD

Looking for a masking material that is compatible with heat transfer vinyl and leaves no residue behind? Look no further! Introducing the TTD High Tack Mask from Siser, the perfect solution for large format owners. Unlike other masks in the industry, our TTD High Tack Mask is specifically formulated to work seamlessly with our digital medias.

Here's why you need the TTD High Tack Mask:

  • Clear and Accurate Placement: Our TTD High Tack Mask is a clear mask that allows you to accurately place your image on the garment. No more guesswork or misalignment!

  • Easy Release: After heat application, our TTD High Tack Mask releases easily without leaving any residue behind. Say goodbye to time-consuming peeling and production delays!

  • Best Application Results: When combined with Siser Print and digital media, the TTD High Tack Mask ensures the best application results. Achieve professional-looking prints every time.

Don't let incompatible masking materials slow down your production process. Choose the TTD High Tack Mask for hassle-free heat transfer vinyl applications. Order now and experience the difference!