Siser EasyPSV Glitter


Siser SKU: siser-vinyl-easypsv-glitter-12"-25yd-Stardust


Introducing EasyPSV Glitter: Maximum Sparkle, Minimum Effort

Siser® EasyPSV® Glitter by Avery Dennison® is the ultimate solution to add a touch of glamour to everyday objects. This glittery permanent vinyl boasts a smooth, sparkling surface that will make your creations shine like never before. And the best part? It's easier to use than ever! 

EasyPSV Glitter Applies to:

Glass Wood Plastic Metal Ceramic
Glass / Mirror Wood Plastic Metal Ceramic



  • Enhanced Cutting and Weeding: Achieving intricate details is now a breeze, thanks to the improved cutting and weeding performance of EasyPSV Glitter. Say goodbye to frustrating challenges and hello to effortless precision.

  • Quick and Painless Application: Masking and applying EasyPSV Glitter is a breeze. Save time and effort with a process that is quick, seamless, and hassle-free. You'll have your dazzling designs up and shining in no time!

  • Long-lasting Durability: Whether indoors or outdoors, EasyPSV Glitter is built to last. This remarkable vinyl adheres strongly to a wide range of surfaces, including glass, wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, and more. Your designs will continue to shimmer and sparkle for years to come.

Get ready to create stunning masterpieces with EasyPSV Glitter! Add a touch of glamour to your projects and make them truly stand out. Order now and experience the maximum sparkle with minimum effort.

Application Instructions

• Place EasyPSV® with the liner side down and cut your design. (DO NOT reverse/mirror your design.)
• Weed excess vinyl.
• Remove the application tape’s paper liner and place tape on top of EasyPSV.
• Burnish with a squeegee.
• Lift the application tape and EasyPSV away from the paper liner.
• Place the application tape on your desired object.
• Burnish with a squeegee to fully adhere the design.
• Gently peel away the application tape, leaving just your EasyPSV design on the object.