Roland TrueVIS TR2 Cleaning Pouch 500cc


Roland SKU: TR2-CL2

Roland TrueVIS TR2 Cleaning Pouch

Keep your Roland TrueVIS TR2 printer running smoothly with this 500cc cleaning pouch. Designed specifically for the TR2 model, this pouch helps remove any built-up ink or debris from the printer's ink pathways. Simply attach the pouch to the ink port and let it do its work. With regular use, the pouch will help maintain optimal print quality and extend the life of your printer. Plus, its convenient size makes it easy to store and use whenever needed. Don't let clogged ink pathways compromise your print quality - upgrade to the Roland TrueVIS TR2 Cleaning Pouch today

    These TR2 inks have replaced the old TR inks. If you need assistance transferring over you can look at Rolands Documentation Here