Premium Allied Grid-Lock 18cm Round Hoop


Melco SKU: PAGL18cmRound

Premium Allied Grid-Lock 18 cm (7.1 inch) Round Melco Embroidery Hoop - Short Arm
Approx. Inside Dimensions (Y by X): 17 cm (6.7") Round
Hoop Thickness: Double Height
Arm Spacing: Fits Inner Position of Hoop Holding Arms (400 mm / 15.7")
Manufacturer Part #: PAGL-18RD-MEL-400
Machine Compatibility: EMT16 / EMT16 PLUS, Amaya / Amaya XT / Amaya XTS & Bravo
Popular size for larger left-chest embroidery designs, ideal for tote bags, sports jerseys and also children’s jacket backs
Special features of Premium Allied Grid-Lock hoops which make them truly superior to other hoops:
• Patented built-in horizontal and vertical grid lines enable quick and properly aligned hooping, every time!
• Save time & money by using the built-in alignment lines along with the machine laser alignment system to virtually eliminate rejections due to crooked embroidery!
• Extra-long 79 mm (3-1/8 inch) bolt-style adjustment screw is much easier to use and provides added hoop opening for thicker garments
• T and L markings on the tab of the hoop to show rotation direction of adjustment screw for Tightening and Loosening

Allied Grid-Lock hoops compared side-by-side against any other brand will out-perform and out-value, every time!
Unique Features of Premium Allied Grid-Lock Hoops that enable Aligned Hooping, Saving You Time & Money:
Premium Allied Grid-Lock Patented Hoop Technology Image