Lo-E 30" Vastex Energy Efficient DTG Dryer


Lo-E 30" Vastex Energy Efficient DTG Dryer

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The Lo-E Dryer cures DTG printed inks and pretreatment, and water-based screen printed inks and discharge, at high rates using 20% less energy than comparable dryers. The compact size is ideal for use in any shop where limited amperage is a concern. Modularity of Vastex floor-standing dryers permits you to easily add one or multiple heating chambers and extend the conveyor belt, allowing a significant increase in curing capacity.

At 3 minutes dwell time it cures up to 45 garments/hr* DTG printed with digital white ink. At only 1.5 minutes dwell time it cures up to 88 CMYK DTG garments/hr*, 88 pretreat-only garments/hr**, or 88 garments/hr** screen printed with water-based ink or discharge

This exclusive Vastex advantage enables you to increase capacity as your business grows, limited only by your available floor space and power supply. All Vastex dryers except the smallest D-100 and D-1000 can be expanded. Conveyor extensions can also be added to the front or back of your dryer to optimize loading and cooling/unloading of garments.

The Lo-E is a great machine for a single DTG operating out of a home or, with expansion, larger shops will find it an effective production dryer.


  • ACCURATE - Temperature controller is accurate to +/-1 degree F. Digital PID with Fuzzy logic is the most advanced in the industry
  • SMART - Unique cooling tray at the exit cools garments quickly as they leave the heating chamber
  • ADJUSTABLE - Hand crank raises or lowers all heating chambers simultaneously to within 2" - 7" (5 - 17.7 cm) of the belt for bulky items or hats
  • CONVENIENT - Digital belt speed voltmeter, a must have!
  • VERSATILE - Make-up Air and Negative Exhaust Air, removes moisture and fumes fast
  • FILTERED - Filtered air intake provides clean curing air, no recycled fumes!
  • HEAVY DUTY - "X-Series" Conveyor Belt Tracking System
  • BELT WIDTH - (max garment width) 30" (76 cm)
  • HEATER WIDTH - 24" (61 cm) 
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT - Draws only 22 amps for highly efficient curing


  • Additional heating chambers and conveyor belt extensions
  • Locking casters for mobility
  • Donut Probe
  • UL and ULC Certified
  • Conveyor Air Bar CAB-30
  • Exhaust Hood EC-EX

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