LittleRed X2D 30" Vastex DTG Infrared Conveyor Dryer


LittleRed X2D 30" Vastex DTG Infrared Conveyor Dryer

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The LittleRed™ X2D Dryer is the most compact and affordable DTG-capable dryer from Vastex. Radically new heat mapping speeds the curing of ink jet, water-based and discharge inks, as well as DTG-digital inks, making the X2D an unbeatable value for smaller shops.

The X2D model comes with a high powered pre-heating zone that surges ink temperatures to over 300°F (149°C) within the first several inches of conveyor travel inside the 27 in. (69 cm) heating chamber. Two closely spaced, height adjustable infrared heaters and dual zone heat controls maintain consistent temperatures needed for DTG and all other inks.

Rapid preheating maximizes the dwell time for each kind of ink, allowing increased conveyor belt speeds and dryer output. Model X2D-30 has a 30 in. (76 cm) wide belt, two 24 in. (61 cm) wide infrared heaters (6300W @ 240V total wattage), and cures up to 240+ garments per hour with plastisol inks, up to 122+ garments per hour with water-based inks, and up to 34 garments per hour with DTG/digital white ink at 3 minutes dwell time.


  • FLEXIBLE - Can cure plastisol, water-based, discharge and inkjet-printed white ink in record time
  • POWERFUL - 240V/6,300 total wattage
  • EFFICIENT - Closely spaced coils provide high-density, medium-wavelength infrared heat for maximum cure speed without cold spots or under-curing
  • CONSISTENT - Low friction belt aligner and DC belt speed control with digital display
  • HEAVY DUTY - "X-Series" Conveyor Belt Roller Tracking System with Teflon coated fiberglass belt and HD belt motor
  • ACCURATE - Dual digital PID Temperature controller is accurate to +/-1°F
  • ADJUSTABLE - 2 - 7 in. (5 - 18 cm) belt-to-heater clearance, adjustable separately on each side for each heater
  • ACCURATE - Dual digital PID temperature controller is accurate to +/-1 °F
  • VALUABLE - Best warranty, high quality, exceptional service


  • Additional heating chambers and belt extensions available
  • Locking casters for easy mobility
  • Creeper gear

This is the plug and power you will need, the Cord is 6ft long

240V / 27A / 1 Ph. /  3 wire 50/60HZ

Vastex Plug and Power

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