Hotronix Fusion Platen Covers


Hotronix SKU: Fusionlower

Lower Platen Cover

Our non-stick lower platen cover is custom-fitted for your heat press's lower platen, offering the same convenience as an ironing board cover. This essential accessory protects the silicone pad on your lower platen from wear and tear, making garment loading effortless.

Upper Platen Cover

Similar to the lower platen cover, our upper platen cover is tailored for the upper platen of your heat press. It acts as a shield, guarding the upper platen against residue, inks, and adhesives. While it doesn't replace the need for a non-stick cover sheet, it's a valuable accessory for many heat printers. Direct-to-garment and sublimation printers particularly appreciate it as it safeguards their heating element from steam and chemical buildup.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your platen covers is simple. Just wipe them with a damp cloth to remove any residue or buildup, ensuring your heat press continues to deliver pristine results.