Forever Multi-Trans Hard Surface Transfer Paper


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This transfer paper is designed for pressing images onto mugs, plates, beer glasses, magnetic vinyls, wood, place mats, tiles, mirrors, acrylic, glass, metal, nylon, lighters, pens, CDs, etc.

Printer Settings for OKI 920WT, 711WT, and iColor600:

Paper Setting: "Labels 1"
Use the multi-purpose tray, and place paper coated side, face-up.
Select, "Mirror Image"
Image Quality: Fine/Detail 600/1200 Quality"

Transferring to Mugs:

Place heat transfer paper with printed side in desired position on mug using heat transfer tape.
Place mug into press
Press at 284F with heavy pressure for 180 seconds
Let mug cool, then peel
(If you see a light shadow of residual toner on your mug, you can easily remove it with isopropyl alcohol.)


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