7.5" x 8" E-Zee Tear Washaway 2oz 250pk


Madeira SKU: EZwash7.5820250

E-ZeeTear® Washaway 1.5 oz. is a medium weight Tear Away backing that washes away in the wash cycle. Use when the back side of embroidery may be visible such as with linens and towels. Great for medium size designs. Excess backing is torn away after embroidery is done and prior to laundering. The small pieces that remain will wash away during the first wash.*

How to use Tear Away Washaway Stabilizers
Be sure that your hands and work area are dry before handling. Cut a piece from a roll or use a piece of pre-cut to fit your hoop size. Hoop by placing the backing underneath the garment. Embroider the design and remove the embroidered item from the hoop. Tear the excess backing away from the design. Remove as many pieces from inside the design as possible. Run the garment through a wash cycle of a machine to remove the excess backing*.

Helpful Hint

Depending on water conditions, several washes may be necessary to remove all excess backing

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