663TH 63" Wide Format Top Heat Laminator

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Introducing the 663TH 63" Top Heat Laminator with Smart Finishing Technology and Digital Microprocessor 600 Series.

This professional-grade laminator is designed to deliver exceptional results, precise control, and increased productivity. With its wide-format capability, Smart Finishing Technology, and user-friendly Digital Microprocessor, the 663TH is the ultimate solution for flawless laminations.

Let's explore its standout features and address some frequently asked questions:

Product Details:

  • Display Functions: The home screen provides machine status and quick access to operational screens. Service displays allow precise adjustments and calibrations for improved efficiency. Operational displays facilitate setting and adjusting operating parameters for accuracy and speed.
  • Electric Servo Motor Roller GAP Drive and Encoder: Enables precise and repeatable roller gap positioning for enhanced accuracy and efficiency.
  • Help Tutorials: Visual guides that enhance employee productivity, proficiency, and confidence by improving comprehension and retention.
  • Digital Roller Pressure Display: Allows easy reference and adjustment of roller pressure for fast and consistent output quality.

Built-in Professional Features:

  1. Integrated Rear Rewind: Motorized for uninterrupted roll-to-roll operation over longer periods.
  2. Three Swingout Shafts: Save time when loading and unloading rolls, resulting in faster setup and change-overs.
  3. Top Heat Assist: Softens film adhesive to reduce silvering, ensuring better quality output and shorter processing time.
  4. Roll Label Printer: Generates pressure-sensitive labels with film descriptions and remaining footage for partial film rolls.
  5. Film Tension Sensor: Adjustable alarm that alerts the operator to excessive web tension, ensuring flat and error-free output.
  6. Inline Rotary Slitters: Trim the sides of the output during lamination, increasing productivity and saving time.


  • Wide-format Capability: Laminate large-scale prints, signage, and graphics effortlessly with the 63-inch width.
  • Smart Finishing Technology: Intelligent sensors and algorithms adjust pressure and temperature settings automatically, ensuring optimal laminations for various media types.
  • Digital Microprocessor: The user-friendly control panel allows for easy parameter adjustment, giving you precise control over temperature, speed, and other settings.
  • Fast Warm-up Time: Start laminating quickly and reduce waiting periods, enhancing overall productivity.
  • Durable Construction: Designed for high-demand production environments, the 663TH guarantees long-lasting performance with its robust construction and durable components.
  • Quiet Operation: Enjoy a peaceful workspace as the laminator operates quietly, minimizing disruptions during the lamination process.
  • Advanced Safety Features: The laminator includes a safety shield to protect hands during operation and an emergency stop button for immediate shutdown when needed, ensuring user safety.

90" x 35" x 59"

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the maximum width of materials that can be laminated?

A: The 663TH can handle materials up to 63 inches wide, making it ideal for wide-format projects.

Q: Can I laminate different types of media?

A: Absolutely! The Smart Finishing Technology automatically adjusts the laminating parameters to accommodate various media types such as paper, vinyl, and fabric.

Q: Is it easy to control the laminating parameters?

A: Yes, the user-friendly Digital Microprocessor provides precise control over temperature, speed, and other settings, making it effortless to achieve optimal laminations.

Q: How long does it take to warm up the laminator?

A: The 663TH has a fast warm-up time, allowing you to start laminating quickly and efficiently.

Elevate your laminating projects with the 663TH 63" Top Heat Laminator. Its wide-format capability, Smart Finishing Technology, and user-friendly Digital Microprocessor empower you to achieve flawless laminations with precise control. Experience exceptional results, increased productivity, and utmost safety with the advanced features of this top-notch laminator. Invest in the 663TH to impress your clients and take your laminating projects to new heights.

Laminating Type

Heat Assist

Media Handling

Roll Feed

Media Roll Size

63 "

Roller Heating

Single (Top)

Roller Temp-Maximum

140 °


83 x 30.7 x 63 "


0-20 ft/min

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