Mimaki LH-100 UV Ink



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Size: Mimaki LH-100 UV Ink 1 liter
Color: Cyan
Light Cyan
Light Magenta

Mimaki's LH-100 UV-LED is a "Hard" Ink that provides high quality printing with speed while meeting various demands for rigid media compatibility. The use of LED light helps solve problems associated with metal halide lamps, such as long warm-up or restrike times, high power consumption, large bulbs, short lamp life, and high temperatures.

Compatible with the following Mimaki printers:

  • JFX200-2513
  • JFX200-2531
  • JFX200-2513EX
  • JFX500-2131
  • JFX600-2513
  • UJF-3042MkII
  • UJF-3042MkII e
  • UJF-3042MkIIEX e
  • UJF-6042MkII
  • UJF-6042MkII e
  • UJF-7151Plus
  • UJF-7151PlusII

UV-LED inks are a well-rounded option for interior and exterior applications. UV  inks cure instantly enabling immediate delivery, and can be printed on virtually any coated or uncoated surface. They can be used for a range of applications such as wallpaper, canvas art, and tapestries.  Exterior options include signage, vehicle wraps, decorative applications, and much, much more!

UV inks are noted for excellent control of  opacity, sharp contrast, superior light reflection,, smear resistance, chemical resistance, quick production speeds, and consistency of image quality. These inks dry instantly when exposed to a UV curing unit built on to the printer.  As a result, they can be “layered” to create dimensional effects like 2.5D printing of “stacked” to create 3 dimensional objects.

There are three kinds of UV-LED inks: rigid, flexible, and thermoforming. Our UV curable inks conform to the highest industry standards. Click the links provided below for more information on these versatile, instant curing inks.

LH-100 UV ink is certified GREENGAURD. GREENGUARD is a program of the environmental certification on chemical emissions of indoor spaces by UL LLC of third-party institution of safety science of the United States. Based on the backed information by the unbiased empirical science data, the products with less chemical emission to the room spaces and more environmentally-friendly can be approved to this certification.
The certification has two sorts such as the Standard and the Gold. The Gold offers more strict certification criteria than the Standard.

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