Mutoh XPERTJET 1642WR PRO | High-Speed Dye-Sublimation Printer

  • Smart Printing Technology: Incorporates cutting-edge MUTOH AccuFine print heads for unparalleled print precision.
  • Vibrant Colors with Efficiency: Utilizes MUTOH’s DH21 dye-sublimation transfer ink for stunning color density with minimal consumption and fast drying times.
  • Versatility in Printing: Offers a wide range of applications including trade show graphics, apparel, sports uniforms, and custom interior designs on various materials.
  • Key Features: AccuFine Dual Print Heads, DropMaster2, Feed Master, Media Tracker, and Nozzle Area Select for optimized performance and tailored adjustments.

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The XpertJet 1642WR Pro 64” - Setting New Standards

The XpertJet 1642WR Pro 64” is a high-speed dye-sublimation inkjet printer that continues the legacy of the XpertJet series. 

Smart Printing Technology

With cutting-edge technology and a brand-new platform, the XPJ-1642WR Pro stands out as an industry leader, offering:

Unparalleled Print Precision

The XPJ-1642WR Pro incorporates the latest extra-wide MUTOH AccuFine print heads, renowned for their precision in dot placement. This technology ensures both rapid print speeds and exceptional print quality.

Vibrant Colors with Efficiency

Powered by MUTOH’s proprietary DH21 dye-sublimation transfer ink, the XPJ-1642WR Pro excels in achieving stunning color density with minimal ink consumption. This dye-sublimation ink features fast drying times, allowing for printing on thinner and lighter transfer papers. Its remarkable jetting and color stability facilitate prolonged printing sessions. Choose between the standard CYMK configuration available in 1,000ml or 2,200ml capacity ink bags.

Versatility in Printing

The XPJ-1642WR Pro caters to a broad spectrum of printing applications. From trade show graphics, flags, and banners to custom interior designs, apparel, sports uniforms, and much more, this printer delivers top-notch graphics on an array of materials.

Key Features

Discover what makes the XPJ-1642WR Pro a standout choice:

  • AccuFine Dual Print Heads: Ensuring precision and quality.
  • DropMaster2: Enhancing performance and print reliability.
  • Feed Master: Improving media handling for consistent results.
  • Media Tracker: Streamlining media alignment for efficient printing.
  • Nozzle Area Select: Allowing for adjustments tailored to your specific needs.
  • DH21 Dye-Sublimation Ink: Vibrant, fast-drying ink for superior results.

Optional Features

Take your printing capabilities to the next level with the optional heavy-duty 220lb take-up system, designed to handle large-scale projects with ease.

Specifications Sheet

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Requires Ink Start Kit or $900 Chip Turn Off Fee
Free 2nd Year Extended Warranty
($4970 Value) - Must use Mutoh OEM Inks

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Specifications Sheet

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