Hotronix® Dtg Hover Heat Press


  • One size available: 16" x 20"
  • Hover mode cures DTG designs without smearing ink
  • Opens automatically to prevent over-application
  • Easy-to-read digital time, temperature, and pressure display for consistent printing
  • Locks down easily with patented magnetic assist, causing less fatigue on wrists and shoulders
  • Twin Timer™ allows user to pre-set individual time settings for two-step application or for pre-heating and application
  • 29.5" opening for easy layout
  • Space-saving clam shell design
  • Over-the-Center Pressure Adjustment for even, edge -to-edge heat and pressure regardless of substrate thickness
  • Available in 120v/1800W/15A and 220v/1800W/8A


Learn how to make your Hover heat press even more efficient with the Heat Press Caddie™

Download Manual (PDF)

Download a comprehensive (PDF)


Universal Features

Made in the USA
Cast-in tubular heating
Powder coated finish
Actual weight: 90 lbs.
Ship weight: 100 lbs.
Ship dim.36" x 25" x 21";
Optional Platens
7″ round
6″ x 10″
8″ x 10″
11″ x 15″
Heating Element – Lifetime ;
Framework – 5 years ;
Circuit Board – 2 years ;
Parts & Labor – 1 year;





Questions & Answers

Everyone has questions. Tell us yours.

Q: My heat press is older and I think it might have cold spots. How do I know?
A: Heat press cold spots are the leading cause of application error. Use the Heat Press Test Kit to verify if your heat press is performing properly.
Q: How can I check the pressure setting on my heat press?
A: Lower the upper platen and lock it into place. Heat presses with a pressure readout will display the setting on the front panel.

What voltage are the Hotronix® heat presses sold in?
A: Hotronix Heat Presses are available in both 110V or 220V.
Q: My heat press machine starts to heat but then stops. What should I check?
A: Verify if your machine is in the set temp or set time modes. This could be causing the heat press to stop heating.

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