Your SWF 1501 Embroidery Machine Upon Arrival

Osman Bayrak

Your SWF 1501 Embroidery Machine upon arrival

What your commercial embroidery machine might looks like when it arrives? The majority of new embroiderers start with a single-head machine and move on from there. Though sewing quality and operational features vary from brand to brand, the typical single head can handle a wide variety of garments including caps, shirts, jackets, aprons, etc.

And when outfitted with specialty attachments, the repertoire of products expands to include CD cases, golf club head covers, wine bags, shirt pockets, pants legs, pet collars, etc. Single-head machines usually can sew at highe speeds compared to multi-head embroidery machines and of course, the small size and simple power requirements make these machines ideal for home-based operations. The most common reason for purchasing a single-head machine is the cost.