Replacing the Ink Tubes on your Anajet Sprint


To replace Ink Tubes, follow these steps.

If you are replacing Ink Tubes 1-4 you will need to remove the Ink Bay. If you are replacing Ink Tubes 5-8 only, you can skip the Ink Bay removal.

1. Power down the printer.

2. Remove all ink cartridges from the Ink Bay.

3. Remove the Ink Bay Bezel by removing two screws from the bottom and sliding it forward.

anajet sprint ink line

4. Remove the Control Panel by removing the two screws shown in the above photograph; these can be accessed from the bottom of the printer. Remove the four screws that hold the right side of the printer body.

anajet sprint ink tube

anajet sprint ink flow

5. The 3 connections on the LED PCBA must now be disconnected (J1,J2 and J11). Make sure to wear a grounding strap for this process. The Ink Bay Bezel can now be moved out of the way.

 anajet sprint FP125 ink hose

6. Remove all the screws holding the Ink Bay into place. Please note that there are two on the inside and 2 on the outside of the bottom.

anajet sprint ink line

anajet sprint ink line

anajet sprint ink line

7. The Ink Bay can now be removed and positioned for easy tube removal.

 anajet sprint FP125 ink hose

8. Disconnect the tractor feed so new tubes can be run through.


9. Once Dampers are removed, thread the new Ink Tubes through the Ink Tube Carrier, reattach the Ink Tubes (note that the tubes are different lengths and are numbered) and reassemble the Ink Delivery System.

10. Please note that it always a good idea to place a small drop of Cleaning Solution on all O-rings.

 anajet sprint FP125 ink hose


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