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A valid software license file is needed to run the EKPrint Studio for SPRINT program. Without a valid license file, EKPrint Studio for SPRINT will run under evaluation mode for 30 days. After the 30 day evaluation period, the print capability of EKPrint Studio for the printer will be disabled. The following steps show you how to obtain a license file.

If you are connected to the Internet:

(1) Start the EKPrint Studio program.

(2) Click on the OK button to skip the license reminder.

(3) Click on the dialog menu Help > Product Activation.

(4) Click on the OK button; fill in the information in the license request dialog. Note: the product serial number is printed on the back cover of the installation CD.


(5) Click the Request button.

(6) After the licensing process is finished, exit the EKPrint Studio program and then restart the program.

If you are not connected to the Internet:

(1) Start the EKPrint Studio program.

(2) Click on help > Mac Address to get the Mac Address of the computer. Write this down for later use.

(3) On a separate computer that is connected to the internet, visit

(4) Select Click Here to File a License Request

(5) Fill out the request form and click get license.

(6) A license file called (license.txt) will be generated and emailed to you.

(7) Check your email and save the license file to your desktop.

(8) Using a flash drive or disk, copy the license file.

(9) Take the file to the computer running the printer and copy it to your desktop.

(10) Start EKPrint Studio.

(11) Click on Help > Product Activation

(12) Select Install License File

(13) Browse to the license.txt file and click on the Open button.

(14) The license will be installed, click OK.

(15) Restart EKPrint Studio.

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can you help me to recober ekprint license.

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