Printed colors not the same as the computer screen


Printed colors are not correct or not the same as the computer screen


1. One or more of the CMYK color channels are not printing

**Print head needs to be primed by doing a few head cleanings.

**Bottle of ink has run empty. Fill the bottle and ink tubes and prime the print head with head cleanings.

DTG troubleshooting

Prevention: Top off ink bottles regularly

**Open any valves that may be off.

DTG troubleshooting

**Print head is clogged. Use head cleanings or flush with cleaning solution. If that doesn't work replace the print head.

Prevention: Run head cleanings on days that the printer is not printing. For periods longer then a week, flush ink out of system using distilled water. Run cleaning solution through the system and leave the cleaning solution in the system until you need to print again.

**Damper has hole or is clogged. Replace damper.

2. Computer monitor needs to be adjusted

**Make sure the RGB (Red Green Blue) values are balanced.

**Adjust the brightness if necessary.

3. Color profiles are being used in graphic program such as Photoshop.

**During the print process from the graphic program make sure that no color management is selected. RIP pro will handle the color profiling.


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