Pearl Elite - Priming the Pearl Elite


Priming the Pearl Elite is required for proper spray pattern on the garment. If the Pearl Elite is improperly primed, you may not get an even, flat and consistent spray pattern on the garment.

1. To prime the machine, enter the Maintenance Menu by selecting the Maintenance Menu icon.

2. Place hose into the Pretreatment container.

3. Insert hose into the quick connect Pretreatment Inlet.

Pearl Elite Priming1

4. Open the Front Window to access the Nozzle Body.

5. Attach the Nozzle Cap Assembly to the Nozzle Body by twisting it into place.

Pearl Elite Priming2

6. Place a cup under the Nozzle to collect the excess pretreat.

Pearl Elite Priming3

7. Select the light pretreatment or dark pretreatment using the Light/Dark Pretreatment Selection icon(#3)

Pearl Elite Priming4 Settings

8. Press the Pretreatment Manual Prime Button or Pretreatment Auto Prime Button (#5) to start priming.

9. Allow the pressure to build up to ensure proper priming of the machine.

10. Excess pretreatment solution can be poured back into the Pretreatment container.

 Pearl Elite Priming5

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