Pearl Elite - Parts and Features


Pearl Elite Parts1



1. Touch Screen User Interface
Control interface for the Pearl Elite.

2. Garment Platen
Place garment to be treated on Platen.

3. Platen Height Adjustments
Adjusts the height of the platen.

4. Platen Drawer
Pull open to load the garment.

5. Platen Drawer Release
Releases the Platen Drawer to remove the Platen

6. Front Window
Pull open to access Nozzle.

7. Nozzle Cap
Twist off Nozzle cap to remove nozzle.

8. Side Window
Open to access inside of machine for
Pearl Elite Parts2

9. Power On/Off Switch
Press ( | ) to power the unit on and press
(O) to turn the power off.

10. Fan Exhaust
Do not block exhaust.

11. Pretreat Inlet
Connect 1/4” OD hose to inlet for pretreatment
solution supply and distilled water supply to the


Design & Construction

• Corrosion Proof Body

• Stainless Steel Hardware

• Passive Fan Filtration

System Dimensions & Weight

• Platen Size: 16” x 21”

• Overall: 19” x 19” x 26”

• Shipping Weight: 60lbs

Spray Specifications

• Spray Area: 16” x 20”

• Spray Volume: 12ml to 60ml (Full Area) Electrical Requirements

• 110V 60hz or 220V 50hz

• Max Power Consumption: 150W

Additional Features

• Cost Calculator

• Save Settings


• 1 Year - Limited Warranty, Parts & Labor

• Lifetime - Body Corrosion Warranty


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