Daily Maintenance on your Melco G3 Garment Printer


This basic maintenance has to be performed at the end of every day to appropriately shut down the printer.

  1. Press the SHIFT and then the DOWN (F2) button on the table control panel to enter the maintenance mode.

    daily 1

    The table control panel will display that it is in maintenance mode.

    daily 2

  2. Press and hold the right arrow on the printer control panel for 3 seconds. This cause the machine to perform a small cycle and then it will release the print head. The printer control panel display will switch off.

    daily 3

  3. Open the printer cover and slide the unlocked print head to the left side of the printer and off of the capping station.
  4. Pour a bit of cleaning solution into a small container. This will be used with a swab to clean the wiper and capping station. This will prevent the contamination of the larger container of cleaning fluid.
  5. Carefully clean around the capping station and the wiper blade with a cleaning applicator dipped in the cleaning solution from the small container in step 4 above. Make sure that the rubber parts of both the wiper and the capping station are always clean and free from any ink, dried ink, dust, or dirt. These two are the only parts of the printer that contact the print head. Keeping these clean will help ensure quality prints.

    Cleaning Wiper

  6. After cleaning the capping station and wiper, use a syringe or dropper to fill the capping station with clean cleaning fluid.

    filling capping station

  7. Press the SHIFT and then the DOWN (F2) button on the table control panel to exit the maintenance mode.

    daily 1

    After exiting maintenance mode, the print head will move back over the capping station and perform one normal head cleaning so that the cleaning solution will be able to clean the cap, the pump, and the tubes inside.
  8. After the head cleaning has finished, the printer display will read "Ready".
  9. The printer may now be powered down.

    pc power

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