Loading the Paper Cassette Tray and Bypass Tray in the iColor 560

Loading the Paper Cassette Tray and Bypass Tray in the iColor 560

Paul Boody

Loading the Paper Cassette Tray:

  1. Pull out the paper cassette tray (Tray 1) and push down the metal base.
  2. Squeeze the clips on the paper glides and slide them to match the paper size. Be cautious not to force them, as this may damage the tray.
  3. Load media with the print side facing up, ensuring the paper stack does not exceed the upper limit mark inside the paper tray.
  4. Prior to loading, fan the paper or media.
  5. Make sure the side and back guides are snugly set against and over the media.
  6. Close the paper tray.
  7. When loading paper longer than 11" into Tray 1, remove the lower rear cover using a coin.
  8. Remove Tray 1 with both hands and place it on a flat surface.
  9. Push the metal plate down until it clicks.
  10. Pinch the extender and pull it out until it clicks into place to accommodate lengths up to 14".
  11. After extension, verify that the arrows on the extender and tray are aligned.
  12. Note that the tray will protrude out of the back of the printer, which is normal.
  13. When reinserting the extender, it may require moderate force.
  14. The maximum paper length is limited to 14" long.

Loading the Bypass Tray:

  1. To use the bypass tray, load paper with the print side facing down and in the short-edge feed direction.
  2. You cannot load paper into the bypass tray when the printer is in energy saver mode.
  3. Adjust the paper guides to the paper's sides. Support the paper with both hands and insert it carefully until it stops.
  4. The printer tray will "engage" the paper by pulling it about 1/2 inch.
  5. Straighten curled paper before loading, as curled paper may cause jams.
  6. Note that duplex printing is not possible when using the bypass tray.
  7. Tray 1 is unavailable if paper is loaded in the bypass tray.

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