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Spectra 3000 Garment Printer Review

Dean Armando

Spectra DTG 3000

Spectra 3000 Garment Printer...The Best Value in Direct-to-Garment Printers

One of the first serious competitors in sub-$10k DTG printer market, Spectra has justified the market and made it far more viable.  The flagship product for Spectra DTG is the r3000 and p600 versions of their A3 DTG printer.

Spectra espouses an affordable, minimalist approach to DTG, foregoing many of the traditional “bells & whistles” of other printer in exchange for an incredible affordable cost.  A modular build allows for easy swaps and upgrades, so it is easy to experiment with additional configurations (white + CMYK, dual-CMYK, etc).

For a video of the Spectra 3000 Garment Printer in action visit the "Spectra DTG" channel on YouTube.

A cutting edge auto load direct to garment printer utilizes the latest highly acclaimed Epson r3000 base printer.  Epson r3000 print engine is the best a3 Epson produces, it has similar features of the pro series printers with larger ink cartridges "fewer resets" with built in damper system...with the fast print speed of an a3 platform.  

We like to call it the pro series of the a3 class print engines!

  • Produce stunning wide-format images and professional quality printed garment.
  • Pressurized ink delivery system delivers FAST print times as well as reducing ink flow issues.      
  • High-capacity cartridges resulting in fewer resets.
  • Flexible ink delivery system, use refillable ink cartridges, bagged ink or bulk ink system.
  • Heavy duty aluminum and ABS construction.
  • EK-Print RIP Software.
  • 1 Pass White/CMYK capable. 
  •  Automatic head cleanings.
  •  Ink cost calculator. 
  • Quick SwapTucLock Platen.
  • Auto platen load.
  • Auto second pass.
  • RIP resolution 1440 x 1440.
  • Dual CMYK or CMYK/White.
  • White ink capabilities for experienced users.
  • Proudly assembled in the USA!

Why buy a used "as is" printer?

With The Spectra 3000 Garment Printer you'll have "a no worry" reliability of a NEW Direct-to-Garment Printer!  The Spectra's  utilizes the latest Epson r3000, which is currently in production and will have parts available for years.   

Don't take a chance on a out-dated printer: The DTG Kiosk & Fast T-Jet are based on old technology, some printers are even 10 years old!  Both the Kiosk & Fast T-Jet are based on the discontinued Epson 2200 with vital parts such main boards and print heads that are no longer produced...which is why there are so many being sold on ebay!

     Spectra 3000 Garment Printer

  •      2 set of refillable ink cartridges
  •      16 oz bottle of head cleaning solution
  •      1 set of cartridge refilling syringes
  •      1 Temperature and humidity gauge
  •      12 plastic cleaning swabs
  •      1 year limited warranty on printer for qualified users. 
  •      Free training available at our New Jersey training facility (buyer is responsible for traveling expenses)

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