Peeling white design on black shirt

Image on shirt is washing out, fading or peeling

Paul Boody



Reasons and Solutions:

1. Not cured properly without White Ink: 1min 30sec at 325 deg. With White Ink: 2min 30sec at 325 deg.

2. Not pre-treated properly Too much time on the heat press when setting the white ink pre-treat will cause peeling. 10 seconds at 325 deg. Too much pre-treat can also cause peeling. Cut back on the amount being sprayed.

3. Fabric is not good for ink jet printing White Ink prints well only on 100% cotton. With out White Ink many different types of fabrics can be printed. 50/50 cotton poly blends usually print good without needing a poly pre-treatment. Synthetic fabrics need a poly pre-treatment for good prints.

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