Flexi-Jet Garment Printer Review

Flexi-Jet Garment Printer Review

Dean Armando

Flexi-jet by BelQuette Review

The Flexi-Jet was one of the first 4800-based wide format direct-to-garment flatbed printers to come on the market.  It comes in two different print area sizes; 17" wide, 20" long (Standard, or "S" Model)  and a 3.5" high print space.  The other prints a huge 17" wide, 53" long, and 3.5" high print space (also called the Extended, or "L" Model) which can accommodate printing up to four garments at a time.

The Flexi-Jet is BelQuette's premier "wide format" flatbed digital printer. Direct-to-Garment printing is no longer in its' infancy, and the Flexi-Jet has is still a strong consideration in this industry.  BelQuette is always developing advancements and regularly updating the Flexi-Jet platform to keep its' users on the bleeding edge of technology. This is one of the benefits of having an American designed and manufactured product. They design all of the architecture and publish the updates regularly so that their users are always using the latest firmware and RIP.  From developing the first viable 4800 based machine made in America and a reputation for top-notch support, BelQuette is a proven leader in the Direct on Garment Industry

If you are looking for a wide-format garment printer to add to your business or even if you are just starting out and need a larger machine to be the core of your business, make sure you buy a machine that is as industrially sound as it is easy to use.

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