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DTG RIP Pro Review

Dean Armando

DTG Rip Pro iproofsystemsDTG RIP Pro is the software used for all DTG Garment Printers.  It's one of the best RIPs out there (and was also the first).  With many RIPs, people find it hard to get information on the product itself not to mention prices.  Mostly becuase it's sold by the distributor and you are given a copy when you buy a new printer.  However many people (especially now) are buying used printers and DYI printers that don't have any RIP with them.  Here are some links and information on DTG RIP Pro by iProof systems.

iProof Systems offers a free non-limited demo version of our products to ensure that our products meet your printing needs. We strongly urge customers to try our demo before purchasing the full version of our products. Once a product is purchased and validated, the product cannot be returned for a refund.

If you have a previous version installed, copy the folder for the present RIP, then uninstall the previous version. The copied folder preserves the previous RIP version and will allow you to back up to the previous version after installing and testing the new version.

Our demo version works the same as the full version with no time limitation and offers customers the opportunity to view the features and output quality of our products before purchasing the full version. There will be a watermark on your output when using the demo version. This watermark is removed from the output once the full version is purchased and validated using a 16-digit product code number provided with the full version.

If you have questions or need assistance in installing and using the demo and/or full version of our products, our Technical Support Dept. will be glad to help. Simply contact us by email at support@iproofsystems.com or call our Tech Support Dept. at 321-777-3910.  Sales & Support hours are 9:00am-5:00pm, Monday thru Friday.



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