Anajet Ricoh Ri 6000

Anajet Ricoh Ri 6000

Dean Armando

Anajet, now sells the Ricoh brand printers. They carry the  Ri 3000/Ri 6000 models.  Their previous models, the Sprint, mP5 and mP10 (with variations to each) make up their entire product line.

One of the biggest advantages to a single purpose company like Anajet shows in their advertising and presence in the marketplace. With one brand to sell, a potential customer gets all of their marketing efforts, that’s one reason

Anajet Direct to Garment Printers is one of the top brands. The other reason, of course, is that they make a solid product with a long history in the custom t shirt printing business.

Anajet is located in Southern California and does all of their training from that location.

Ricoh has always been a very trusted brand and with the release of the Ricoh Ri6000 they have truly entered the commercial garment printing space.

This is not a re-purposed garment printer like DTG Brand or Freejet.  This garment printer was built from the ground up and operates at a speed and efficiency that is unrivaled in the market.

Take a hard look and compare the printers currently on the market.  It's hard to find a authentic commercial garment printer that even looks similar to the Ri6000.

If speed, durability, affordability and precision are what you are after, I think the Ricoh Ri6000 is a very good choice.

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