What is the best needle to use on my embroidery machine?

Osman Bayrak

In terms of needle size, this varies depending on the fabric and design. A good generic size needle would be a size 75/11 ball point.

When more delicate fabrics or more intricate designs are being sewn, a 70/10 needle should be used.

There are three types of needle points used for embroidery: normal point, ball point and sharp (or wedge) point.

Normal point needles are used on woven materials such as canvas, towels, and caps. Ball points are used on knit goods and delicate fabrics, such as knit shirts, socks and silk, to prevent runs or cutting of the fabric.

As far as brands of needles, be sure to use a good quality needle with a polished eye. Some manufacturers use a chemical process to remove burrs and to smooth the needle eye, but sometimes leave the harder, smaller burrs. The sewing thread passes through the eye of the needle up to 40 times before being laid down on the fabric. Any rough spot in the needle could have a dramatic effect on sewing performance. Most German brand needles have polished eyes.


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