Fixing looping on your embroidery machine

Osman Bayrak

1. Change the needle.

2. There are 3 needle plates, one is for tubular frames, one is for
caps, one is for border frames/table. If you use the wrong needle
plate for the job you may get looping. 

3. The relationship between the upper tension and the main
tension is touchy.  If the upper tension is too loose it may allow looping to
occur. Tighten the upper tension slightly, a bit at a time to see
if this solves the problem.

You'll also want to check the settings for the Angle area "A" and "B" are set
to. If your machine is one of the newer versions than you have a setting called
the frame angle for area A and frame angle for area B, this setting corresponds
to the entry and the exit of the needle at a certain degree. Normally for
polyester thread on a single head we set this setting to 260 degrees, but if you
are sewing rayon which has not stretchability to it, then you will want to make
the setting on these frame angles to about 230 or 240 ang.
To get to the setting go to SETTING, then go to M/C PARAMETERS, and then Hit the
NEXT button twice to get to page three, there towards the bottom you will see
these two angle settings. Make the change and also lighten up the tensions on
your machine since you are sewing with rayon, and she should sew fine.
Now if your machine is an older type then you need the press the FRAME button
and then select 0 for frame A and then 0 for frame B, for Polyester types
threads you want to make sure these setting in Frame are set to 10 for both A
and B

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