Flushing the Capping Station on the DTG M2 and M4 Garment Printer


 Flushing the M2 Capping Station:

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In the waste compartment above the waste jug, there is a gutter that catches waste ink from the capping station pump and ink splatter from the wiper blade. This all drains into the jug.

M2 Capping Flush

The capping station pump has two tubes that come together in one tube. This tube drains into the gutter.

M2 Capping Flush

The tube has a connector that can connect directly to your syringe. You can apply flushing solution to your capping station and then use the syringe to draw the flush through the capping station.

M2 Capping Flush

Repeat it several times to flush and rinse the capping station pad and tubing. This should be performed once a week to keep the capping station flowing.

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