Clean the Encoder Strip on the DTG M-Series


Note - No tools are required for this procedure. Use protective gloves to avoid stained fingers. The microfiber cloth (from maintenance kit) will be required for this process.

The Encoder Strip is the thin plastic strip that runs behind the Print Head for the length of the carriage area. It looks to be clear or at least slightly grey in colour, but is in fact clear with hundreds of fine vertical marks on it. There is a sensor that sits at the rear right side of the Print Head carriage which “reads” these vertical marks so that the Print Head knows exactly where to spray the ink. You can understand that if this strip gets dirty, the sensor will be unable to read these marks properly and your printer is likely to get “confused”. Lint from your garments, ink overspray, and even airborne pre-treatment spray can all contribute to a grime build-up on the Encoder Strip, and it is important that you clean this strip at least weekly, even daily if you have a high daily production volume:

encoder 1

 Note - Before cleaning the CR encoder strip, ensure the printer is switched off

 CAUTION - When performing the following steps, be careful not to touch the CR Encoder Strip with bare hands or get it soiled with ink. Also be extremely careful not to scratch it by, for example, hitting it against frames. Any dirt or scratches on the CR Encoder Strip may cause a malfunction of the CR Encoder Sensor.  Do not pull the CR encoder strip by force; CR encoder strip guide can be easily broken. Pay attention not to damage or break the CR encoder strip.

encoder 2

Using a microfibre cloth (as supplied in the maintenance kit of the printer), moistened with distilled or purified water, or approved cleaning solution, GENTLY rub both faces of the encoder strip.

encoder 3

If the cloth or applicator gets dirty, discard it and use a clean one. Release the Print Head Carriage and gently slide the Print Head Carriage from its home position. This will give you easier access to the other end of the encoder strip. Allow the encoder strip to dry thoroughly before using the printer again

 CAUTION - Do not rub with excessive force as you may remove the markings from the CR Encoder Strip. Do not allow the Carriage assembly to remain out of the capping station for longer than two or three minutes. Failure to do so will result in possible blockage of print nozzles due to ink drying. This may result in irreversible damage to the print head requiring print head replacement.


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