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Resetting the waste ink counter DTG HM1

Paul Boody

To reset the dummy waste tank on your HM1-C, you must use the Epson adjustment program included with your printer, and the USB dongle key. The dongle key allows the adjustment program to run. Drivers for the USB dongle must be installed first. Obtain the driver from:
(NOTE: at the time of this article’s publication, version 7.6.1 was the newest version of the Sentinel driver. The “Click here for the latest Sentinel driver” link does not point to the newest version. Choose the 7.6.1 version further down the page.)

After installing the driver, insert the USB key into your computer and follow the steps based on your version of Windows:

1) Ensure that your HM1-C is turned on and connected to the computer.
2) Launch the Adjustment program
3) Choose “Particular Adjustment Mode”
4) Click the drop-down box under “Port Selection”
5) Look for the listed USB port with an Epson printer listed next to it, and select that port (If there is no Epson listed, see notes for more info).Click OK.
6) Double-click “Waste ink pad counter.”
7) Click “Read.”
8) Click “Initialization.”
9) After receiving the confirmation message, power off the HM1-C using only the power button on top of the printer, then turn it back on.

Vista and 7:

1) Locate the Adjustment program (icon is a wrench), and right-click on it.
2) Select “Properties.”
3) Click on the “Compatibility” tab.
4) Choose to run in Compatibility Mode for XP Service Pack 2.
5) If the option is present on this tab, choose to “Run as Administrator (If the option is NOT present, click OK, then proceed with step 6).” Click OK. Now follow steps 1-9 for XP.
6) Right click on the wrench icon again, and choose “Run as Administrator.” Now follow steps 1-9 for XP.

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