Replacing the DTG HM1 Ink System


Prior to starting work on removing any components from your DTG HM1 Kiosk  (in fact, any DTG printer) ensure that the main power has been switched off and disconnected from the printer. Also disconnect USB cable(s) from the rear of the printer. You may find it easier to have the printer in the ejected position prior to disconnecting the power source.  You may wish to release the Print Head from it’s home position on the Capping Station prior to disconnecting power from the printer (press Ink button on top of Head Unit once, once Print Head has moved slightly to the left, kill the mains power to the printer).

Please note that photographs used throughout this guide may show either the DTG HM1 Kiosk or the DTG Eclipse, however the procedures described will relate equally well to both of these printer models.

1 Remove Head Unit Covers

1.1 Release Print Head
Release the Print Head from it’s locked / home position (if you haven’t already done so as per above) by manually releasing the Carriage Lock:

HM1 capping station Replacement1

Remove the rubber grommet from the right side panel of the Head Unit. Using a flashlight to see inside the exposed hole in the casing of the Head Unit, fit a small, flat bladed screwdriver into the slot in the end of the white nylon shaft which is visible in the hole. Turn the screw driver anticlockwise until you feel some resistance, the Print Head should ow be free. 

(Turning this shaft manually drives the Capping
Station / Wiper Blade & Carriage Lock mechanisms).

1.2 Head Unit Front Cover & Exhaust Fan Connection

HM1 capping station Replacement 2

Remove the front cover from the Head Unit, by firstly removing 6 blue screws as marked here by the yellow circles and small blue arrows, then gently lifting the cover slightly up and then forward. Lay the cover on the printing bed.

Note that the ink mist exhaust fan on the left hand side of this cover is connected by two wires to the main body of the head unit and you will need to disconnect these wires before you can move the cover completely away from the printer:

 HM1 capping station Replacement3

 1.3 Head Unit Rear Cover & Ink Tube Channel Covers

Remove the ink bottle compartment cover(s).

HM1 capping station Replacement4 The rear cover for the Head Unit is indicated by the arrows. The three small circles indicate the screws that must be removed – remember that there are another three screws on the other side of the printer (in the corresponding locations) which also must be removed. The top screw on each side actually secures the Ink Tube Channel Cover (as shown). Once you have removed this screw this Channel Cover will be free to be removed (remove it – both sides).

 Head Unit Rear Cover & InkTube Channel Covers

Once all screws indicated have been removed, the rear cover for the Head Unit should be free to be removed, by lifting it straight up. Be sure to free the ink tubes from the Ink Tube Channel(s) as you are lifting the cover.

2.1 Disconnect Gap Sensor (RHS) Disconnect the wires for the Gap Sensor on the right side of the printer head unit.

HM1 capping station Replacement6

Remove Front Frame Assembly ofDTG

   2.2 Remove Frame Assembly Screws

HM1 capping station Replacement9 HM1 capping station Replacement10  

HM1 capping station Replacement11 HM1 capping station Replacement12

HM1 capping station Replacement13

Release the guide pin as indicated in this photograph, then remove the front frame assembly by gently sliding it forward.

HM1 capping station Replacement14

 3 Disconnect Waste Ink Tube Extention

Pull the waste ink tubes from the waste ink bottle .

For the HM1, you may need to remove the waste ink bottle compartment divider for better access.

HM1 capping station Replacement15

HM1 capping station Replacement16










 HM1 capping station Replacement17

Remove the waste ink tube extensions by releasing the clamps that secure the extensions to the waste ink tubes, and pulling the extensions free. The clamps can be released by squeezing the “wings” of the clamp together.

Disconnect Pump Motor Connector & Earth Cable Remove the screw that secures the Earth Cable (brown cable shown here), and disconnect the Pump Motor Connector from the Relay Connector.

HM1 capping station Replacement18

5 Remove Ink System Guide Plate Remove the two screws that secure the Ink System Guide Plate and remove it:

HM1 capping station Replacement19

6 Remove Screws for Ink System and Right Support Frame Remove the two screws that secure the ink System Unit

HM1 capping station Replacement20

HM1 capping station Replacement21

HM1 capping station Replacement22










Remove the two screws that secure the Right Support Frame for the Ink System Unit, and remove the Right support Frame.

7 Remove the Ink System Unit

Remove the Ink System Unit by gently maneuvering it forward and slightly downwards. When the Ink System Unit is removed from the Printer Mechanism, the Paper EJ Lock 

HM1 capping station Replacement23

HM1 capping station Replacement24

Release Cam may drop off. In such case, correctly install it referring to the picture right.

HM1 capping station Replacement25

 8 Ink System Unit Replacement & Printer Reassembly

When replacing the Ink System Unit, be sure to align the positioning holes on the Right Support Frame with the Guide Pins on the Main Frame.

Reassembly should be a relatively simple matter of following the above disassembling procedure in reverse.

HM1 capping station Replacement26


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