Using the Nozzle Check to Inspect Maintenance Parts on the Brother GT3


(1) Start at main menu, scroll down to "Maintenance".

Inspect Pic 1

(2) Press OK.

(3) Scroll down to "Nozzle Cleaning", Press OK; then follow instructions on the screen.

Inspect Pic 2

(4) Open the front cover to inspect the maintenance parts.

(5) Manually move the carriage to give your room to inspect the nature.

(6) Inspect wiper blades, caps, flushing plate, fan filter, rail felt(s), and wiper cleaner (Pick the right edge of the Wiper Cleaner and move slightly to the right (1-2 mm) by your right hand, the claw in the right will be released. Move the Wiper Cleaner slightly to the left (1-2 mm) to release the claw in the left.).

Inspect Pic 3

(7) If any of these parts looked solid, follow the instructions for parts replacement.


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