Replacing the Platen Sheet on the Brother GT3


It is recommended to change the platen sheet when it starts to crack, tera or peel. The Platen Sheet becomes dirty with inks and garment lint within time from use and operation. This actually helps the garments being printed to lay and hold flat on the platen when printing. You can continue to use it regardless of how dark it becomes. However if it affecting your garments with ink transfer or snugging replace it with a new sheet. This is rare but you may expreience this only on very light color shirts.

(1) Press the Platen Button to eject the Platen out into the load position. Remove the platen from the printer.

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(2) Use a cleaner that is conducive to removing the adhesive from the platen. "Goof Off" or a similar product will work fine. It is recommended to test priot to using any cleaning solvent so you don't damage the platen material.

(3) NOTE: Never preform this process with the platen on the printer.

Brother GT3 Article 4 Pic 2

(4) After removal of the old platen sheet clean the surfaces of the Platen using a soft cloth dampened with mild detergent, and then wipe it dry using a soft and dry cloth.

(5) Make sure the surface of the Platen is completely dry, and then apply the new Platen Sheet on the Platen.

(6) It is easier if you start at one end of the platen and peel off the release-coated paper little by little as you install the new Platen Sheet.

(7) Make sure to do this process very carefully. The adhesive on the Platen Sheet is industrial and very aggressive. Once you apply it you may not be able to remove and reposition it.

(8) Insert the platen back onto the printer after you have completed the process.

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