Learn how to install the print head on a Brother GT-3


Install Print Heads

1. Remove the print heads from the box in the accessory kit.

2. Prepare an anti-static wristband, and ground yourself by attaching the end to the machine (metal portion).

3. Turn on the GT-3.

4. On the control panel, press the Up/Down Button and select maintenance, press okay.

5. The platen will move out and in, the caps will drop and the carriage will move to the right.

6. The screen will prompt you to turn the machine off.

7. Open the front cover.

8. The example being shown is for the color print heads, when installing the white print r on the carriage PCB by disconnecting the white cable heads, prepare maintenance solution, maintenance cartridge, and follow the prompts on the screen.

9. Remove the plastic cover (encoder PCB cable), and disconnect the four tabs (2 on each side), and lifting the cover over the large capacitor.

10. Pull out the black tabs on both edges of the flat cable on the carriage PCB for preparation to insert the print head.

11. Remove the print head from the box and hold it by the front portion.

12. Mount the print head on the printer; fit the V-shaped groove to the positioning pin.

13. Move the locking lever in place to secure the print head.

14. Remove the small tube with fitting, and nozzle protective film.

15. Place the upper tube over the nipple of the print head, and secure it by rotating the tube connector from the horizontal; position to the vertical position.

16. Place the cable (silver side up) into the black tabs from step 10, and lock into place by pushing the tab away from you (towards the capacitor).

17. Follow the instructions for introducing ink, and performing nozzle checks to complete the print head installation process.

18. Go to the Windows start button and All Programs>Brother GT-3 Tools>GT-3 Maintenance. From the Maintenance window, please perform the firing adjustment.


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