Clean the Encoder Strip on the Brother GT-3


(1) Select encoder strip cleaning from the maintenance menu on the panel, and follow the prompts ending with turning the machine off.

Brother GT 361 Article 1 Pic 1

(2) Loosen the four black thumb screws (do not remove) on the encoder cover, and remove the cover.

Brother GT 361 Article 1 Pic 2

(3) Slide the carriage to the right side of the machine.

(4) Take the encoder cleaning tool, and open using the lever, apply the denatured alcohol (95% or higher) to the felt portion.

(5) Gently slide the tool across the encoder strip, remembering to move the carriage to get the other side of the strip.

Brother GT 361 Article 1 Pic 3

(6) Once done, remove the encoder tool being very careful not to damage the strip.

(7) Attach the cover from step 2, and tighten the thumb screws.

(8) Turn the machine on.



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