Removing the Control Box on the Brother GT-541


6-2-7. Replacing Control Box

When the PCBs inside are replaced, use GTService Tool to readjust firmware controls. Prepare a voltmeter (tester) and a thermometer and refer to the pages concerned.

(1) Remove Power code.

Article 14 Pic 1

(2) Remove Operation Panel.

     Remove 4 screws at both sides.

Article 14 Pic 2

Unscrew the Print SW counterclockwise. Do not miss the black rubber ring inside.

Article 14 Pic 3

Disconnect FFC Harness of CN4:PANEL and CN2:PRT SW and remove Operation Panel.

Article 14 Pic 4

Confirm the direction of insertion and the lock/unlock mechanism.

Article 14 Pic 5

(3) Remove covers.

     Unscrew 2 screw of CF cover.

Article 14 Pic 6

Remove Frame Front Cover. (Remove 3 rubber caps and unscrew 7 screws.)

Article 14 Pic 7

Unscrew 6 screws and remove Frame Cover (Right).

Article 14 Pic 8

(4) Remove Box cover.

      Unscrew 4 screws.

Article 14 Pic 9

Remove the clamp and pull out the cover.

Article 14 Pic 10

Do not soil FFC connectors with grease nor damage. Do not touch connectors with bare hands.

(5) Disconnect Harnesses on Main PCB.

      Disconnect Harness CN4: CR MOT&JAM

Article 14 Pic 11

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