VIDEO Daily Maintenance on the Anajet Mpower


Daily Maintenance

Check Ink Cartridges

Check printer control panel for EMPTY messages, pull out ink cartridges to double ensure you have ink in the cartridges or replace as needed. Shake white cartridges for at least 10 seconds; have the valve facing upward and away from your body in case of a valve failure. Circulate both white ink lines between 5 to 10 minutes

Check print head voltages

Calibrate if necessary

Check right side spit pad

Empty & replace if completely saturated

Check Wiper Blade Clean and remove build up of ink on the blade itself.

Check that the wiper blade is moving into place. If wiper is not moving, go to wiper blade function within maintenance menu. Engage wiper blade and physically give it a nudge. You may need to clean any buildup of ink getting in the way.

Check Maintenance Station

Gently remove residual ink around each of the ink cups. This will ensure a proper seal with the print head

Check Nozzle Plate

Release print head carriage and lower print table to help view nozzle plate. You can also use a mirror to view nozzle plate. Remove ink buildup with lint free wipes and alcohol.

Perform Nozzle Check

Do a Light Cleaning and print a nozzle check, you may repeat it couple times. If poor nozzle check, see Troubleshooting guide

Weekly Maintenance

General cleanliness of printer

Clean the Carriage Plate. Release the carriage and lower the printing table. Use a mirror to inspect the carriage condition. With a lint-free wipe and 90% isopropyl alcohol, clean the aluminum part of the plate, do not smear the dry ink into the heads plates.

Clean the maintenance station

Clean the sealing cups of the maintenance station, pay extra attention to the white cups, all of them should look as a normal black rubber. Clean the wiper blade, pay attention to the top portion of the wiper; it should be dry ink free mainly on the angled top part. If wiper blade is removed, make sure the angle of the blade is facing the maintenance station suction caps.

Clean Left Spit Pad

Remove Philips screws (2) located under the capping station. Clean or replace pad as it becomes saturated.

Perform Maintenance Station Flush and Clean

Turn on maintenance station pump. With a syringe, pour cleaning fluid into each of the 6 cups while the pump is running. This will clean capping station and ink reservoirs. Gently clean gaskets. Clean wiper blade. Clean nozzle plate with lint free wipes.

Lubricate wiper slider arm and move wiper back and forth to exercise.

Empty Waste Tank

Dispose of waste properly.

Clean the encoder strip

Gently clean encoder strip using 50% water and 50% Isopropyl alcohol mix, then dry it off using a lint free wipe. When complete, ensure encoder strip is seated properly in the encoder censor.

Shake White Ink Cartridges and Circulate

Shake white cartridges for at least 15 seconds; have the valve facing upward and away from your body in case of a valve failure.Circulate both white ink lines between 15 to 20 minutes

Do a Light Cleaning and print a nozzle check, you may repeat it couple times.

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