Wiper Blade Adjustment on the Anajet mPower



This is a troubleshooting guide on how to adjust a wiper blade on mP5 and mP10 printers.



  • Poor nozzle checks with large missing gaps
  • Ink dripping from the print head plate


Possible causes

  1. Wiper blade is dirty, remove and clean any built up ink.
  2. Wiper blade is damaged; surface of wiper blade is not smooth and even. Replace with new wiper blade.
  3. Wiper blade is not moving over during clean. Contact tech support, can be fixed by repeating clean and gently pushing the wiper blade when it starts to try and move. Possible need to replace.
  4. Wiper blade is not making proper contact with the print head surface and leaving ink on print head plate. Adjustment needs to be made to raise wiper blade:
  • Perform a print head clean 1 and wait for the wiper blade to move over. Once the print carriage has moved over the wiper blade turn the printer off in the back immediately. This will keep the wiper blade in position to make adjustments and the carriage will be free and away from the maintenance station.
  • The wiper blade is held into position by 2 locking screws, first loosen the locking screws, and do not remove.
  • The height can be changed by loosening or tightening the 2 adjustment screws once the locking screws have been loosened. Counter clockwise will raise the wiper and clockwise will lower the wiper on the left and right side depending on the adjustment screw you are using.

    mpower wiper blade adjustment 1

  • Start by turning the left and right adjustment screw ¼ turn.
  • Move the print carriage over to the left so it is just in front of the wiper blade. You should have a very small gap between the wiper blade and the bottom edge of the print head carriage. Make sure the wiper is also level and even with this gap.

    mpower wiper blade adjustment 2

  • Look at the print head carriage from the front; you will notice that the bottom plate has a small ramp to it before it turns flat on the left hand side. The wiper blade should start to touch the bottom of the plate around the middle to upper middle of the ramp area.

    mpower wiper blade adjustment 3

  • Make height adjustments until the wiper is engaging at the correct point on the bottom plate of the print head carriage and is also level.
  • Tighten the two locking screws.
  • Move the print head carriage to the right and power the machine back on.
  • Perform a print head clean 1 followed by a nozzle check to see if the wiper is working properly and no large gaps are seen in the pattern.
  • If large gaps are still visible due to ink drops check the wiper blade again. If the wiper does its job but the print heads are still dripping see Ink Dripping From Print Head TD&R document.

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