Crashing of Print Head Encoder on the Anajet mPower

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This is a troubleshooting guide on how to resolve the crashing or stopping of the print head when moving from the maintenance station during a print or head clean. Crashing during a print is most likely caused by use of wrong rip software or software related issues.



  • A job is sent to the printer, the print head moves to the right and then crashes and does not print.
  • A print head clean is performed and the print head crashes.
  • Print head crashes during movement.


Possible causes

  1. Carriage encoder has slipped out of its guide/reader. Carefully install the encoder strip back into the slot of the guide/reader. This is located behind the print head carriage. Make sure that the guide/reader has not been bent out. See figure 1.1
  2. Early printers may not have revision c. This is a replacement to the new Carriage motion control board. Check serial number and date of purchase. Board will need to be replaced. See carriage board replacement TD&R document.

Figure 1.1

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Della Ammons

And, what if the strip is still in the reader, then what? We just install a new encoder strip because it was shadowing. Then we install a new reader, made the shadowing worse, then the carriage just stops!

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