Damper & Check Valve Replacement on the Anajet mPower

Bambri Collaborator

This is a guide for replacing the damper and check valve on an AnaJet MPi Series Printer.


Note: Check valves are only used on white channels, no check valves are needed for the CMYK color channels.


This applies to Anajet MPi printers only.



Required supplies:

  1. Phillips head screw driver
  2. MPi Damper Sub-Assembly (mP5i -150753-001 and mP10i 150754-001)
  3. MPi Check Valve Assembly (150583-001) Note: You will need 2 check valves per white channel.
  4. Anti-static wrist strap (for handling electronic components)
  5. Cutting Shears



  1. Release the carriage from the maintenance station then power the printer down at the back switch. Attach your anti-static wrist wrap and make sure it is attached to an unpainted piece of metal on the printer.
  2. Remove the print carriage cage. There will be 8 Phillips head screws total. Two in the front, two on top, and two on each side.

  3. Remove both flat head screws holding the black plastic board holder in place.

  4. Rotate the piece of plastic the holds the boards in place downward.

  5. Remove the odd and even cables attached to each print head controller PCBA and remove one by one. Do not pull on the cables, use the notches on the connectors themselves.

  6. Unscrew the black piece of plastic that is holding the dampers in place. There will be one Phillips head screw on each side.

  7. At this point, your print head carriage should look like this:

  8. Remove the damper from the check valve by pulling the two components away from each other.

  9. It will look like this once you have removed the dampers from the check valves:

  10. Using your cutting shear, cut the tube right at the base of the white Y-connector.

  11. Attach the new damper assembly to the tube.

  12. Using your cutting shears, you want to pry the check valves from the tubes. Then attach the new check valves.

  13. It should look like this now

  14. Insert the check valves into the bottom of the dampers securely.
    Note: Make sure you get the white connector into the bottom of the damper correctly the first time. If you try and remove the check valve from the damper at this point, it will damage the damper.

  15. Now that your new dampers & check valves have been installed go back to step 6 and work your way back to step 1 to assemble the print head carriage back in place.


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