Table Z Axis Motor Limit Flag Adjustment


Tools Needed:

  • 3/32 Hex Key / Allen Key
  • Flag Measuring Shim (P/N - 150620-001)

Begin by releasing your carriage. (MENU > MAINTENANCE FUNCTIONS > RELEASE CARRIAGE)

Go to the technical menu (MENU+ENTER+JOBS), >Module Test>Motion control>table up. This will raise the table to its flag limit. See image below.

Use the Flag Shim measuring (.030cm). The shim will have a limit tab to stop you. The shim should fit perfectly underneath the carriage. If the table is too low, we will have to raise our flag limit, or if the shim doesn't fit at all, we will have to lower our flag limit.

(2) Remove the table assembly. The table assembly will have 4 3/32 hex screws. Once the hex screws are removed, the table should be released. See photo 2.6.2.

Z Table Pic 1

(3) Remove the bottom plate. No screws will be removed from this plate, simply lift up. See Photo 2.6.3.

Z Table Pic 2

(4) Newer printers will have this skirt covering the tables scissor lift. Older printers will not have this skirt. If your table assembly has a skirt, remove the 8 screws below to release the skirt. See Photo 2.6.4

Z Table Pic 3

(5) The tables limit flag will have 2 phillip screws. Moving the Flag towards the printer (inside) will raise the flag limit. Moving the flag backwards (away from printer) will set the flag limit lower. The flag is very sensitive and moving the flag too much can lower or raise the table excessively. See Photo 2.6.5

Z Table Pic 4

(6) When the flag is adjusted, re assemble your table. Use the 4 hex screws to level your table. Loosening the screws will raise your table up; tightening the screws will lower your table down. Use the shim and adjust your screws as needed. If the flag was moved too much, you will have to remove your table assembly and adjust your flag again. When adjusting the table top do the measurements from both sides of the left and the right. You will also want to check all corners when you move one side as the other side can potentially lose its position. See Photo 2.6.6.

Z Table Pic 5

Z Table Pic 6

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