Ricoh Carriage Controller Board Replacement


3.6 Ricoh Carriage Controller Board Replacement

Tools Needed:

Ricoh Carriage Controller can be damaged by moisture or ink coming in contact with the board. Electrical surges or improper cable connections can also cause the board to become damaged. A red LED light will be on when there is damage to the board.

(1) Begin by releasing your carriage and remove your print head cage.

(2) Remove all print head boards.

(3) Unplug all cables from the Ricoh Carriage Board.

Ricoh Carriage Board 1

(4) Remove the 4 screws located in the back of the carriage to remove the top carriage cover. One of the screws will have a ground cable connected to it.

Ricoh Carriage Board 2

(5) The Ricoh carriage controller board is held by 4 phillip screws. Remove the 4 screws and carefully slide the board upwards.

Ricoh Carriage Board 3

Replace your old carriage controller and reverse these steps to reassemble your carriage. We recommend calibrating your head voltages once the machine is powered on. Its very important all cables and boards are connected properly to avoid any electrical issues.

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