Printing too slowly on the Anajet Mpower


Verify the Quality mode you are printing in. The three modes available are Draft, Speed, and Fine. The Speed and Fine modes increase the printing resolution and lay down more ink and increase the printing time.

Do not run too many programs on your computer at the same time.

Close any application programs not related to running the AnaJet printer.

Delete unnecessary files to make room on your hard disk drive.

Check your graphics application programs to see if there is any setting which may slow down the computer.

Close graphic files and applications that you are not currently printing.

Reboot your computer to free up resources. The computer may not have enough memory. If the problem persists, consider increasing the RAM in the computer. The computer may not have sufficient capacity to run the application and/or RIP program. If this is the case, consider upgrading your computer to one with higher speed and capacity.

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