Mpower Fix Repair Air in Ink Lines



This is a troubleshooting guide on how to resolve issues with air or gaps in the lines of the ink tubes cause banding, color drop out and bad nozzle checks.


This applies to mPower printers only.


• Color drops out and comes back
• Visible gaps in ink tubes
• Poor nozzle checks after head cleans, missing channel
• Banding in prints


Possible causes

1. Printing or cleans have been completed with an empty cartridge drawing air into ink tubes. Early mPower printers do not have ink volume control firmware to warn when a cartridge is low or empty. A firmware update will fix this issue very soon. Cartridges should be checked before print to check levels.

If air has entered the system due to an empty cartridge.

• Replace with new cartridge first
• Perform a print head clean 3 from the main menu followed by a nozzle check. Inspect the lines for any gaps
• If the gaps are still visible run the start up fill function for the maintenance menu. Run the print fill for 15 seconds, then from the purge fill select all channels and run for 15 seconds. The pump will still be running so a print head clean 1 will now need to be performed to wipe the print plates and also reset the pump motor.

2. Possible leaking or cracked valve. See valve replacement TD&R document, contact technical support.
3. Printer not filled properly during initial set up. Follow the instructions from cause number 1.
4. Printer has been turned on but left for over a week. Follow the instructions from cause number 1.

Tiny bubbles seen in the ink lines are not an issue and will dissipate when they reach the damper.


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